We have the most innovative and cost effective virtual bookkeeping arrangement in the industry.

Who is a good candidate for Virtual Bookkeeping Services?

Any business that doesn't have a need for a full-time bookkeeper. Home based businesses, professional offices, restaurants, small privately owned retail stores, service providers and not-for-profit organizations are all good examples of perfect candidates.

What are the advantages of Virtual Bookkeeping?

  • Provides accurate, timely financial data customized to meet all of your accounting needs allowing you to focus your time on growing your business.
  • Solid, accurate, timely financial records are the foundation of every successful business.  The best way to insure accurate timely accounting is to outsource to a professional.
  • Payables paid on time, every time, eliminating late charges and improving your credit rating.
  • Far less costly than hiring a full-time bookkeeper.  No employee benefits (i.e. insurance, vacation or sick pay, payroll tax or fees, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, 401k, office space, etc.).  The average cost of a qualified full-time bookkeeper is $3,900 a month while the average cost of a virtual bookkeeper is $350 monthly.
  • No recruitment fees, turn over hassles, learning curves, supervision or employment issues.

Tiers of Bookkeeping Services

Level 1 - normally clients with a day to day need to access their software to create invoices daily or process payments.  These businesses have their software hosted on a remote server (Right Networks) so that we can simultaneously access their software 24/7 from any computer with internet access.  This setup is great for multi-location clients.  They also normal lease their Quickbooks license which allows them to always have current upgrades inexpensively.  The services provided to this tier of client can include any combination of the following services:  weekly or monthly invoice preparation, bill payment, setting up and running credit card transactions, import and classify bank transactions, enter payroll, prepare monthly account reconciliations, prepare and send clients monthly financial statements and other reports, prepare and send monthly client statements.  At yearend we review all accounts for accuracy including liability & asset accounts and provide the clients tax accountant with an accurate complete tax file. The monthly cost ranges from $200-$750 depending on volume of work performed.

Level 2 - normally smaller clients without a need for day to day bookkeeping and primarily in need of month-end services.  They normally pay their own bills and do their own invoicing or only invoice monthly.  There are several options for software hosting.  Most have us host their software and don't have access to it.  Other options at this level include, Quickbooks online, on their own PC, on their bank website or another hosting service.  We prepare weekly or monthly invoices for their clients.  We download or input transactions in all accounts (checking, savings, credit card, trade, payroll, etc.) monthly and reconcile all accounts.  We provide the business owner with monthly financial statements, A/R report and any other reports requested.  At yearend we review all accounts for accuracy including liability & asset accounts and provide the clients tax accountant with an accurate complete tax file.  The montly cost ranges from $100-$250.

Level 3 - the hands on client.  This level of service normal includes periodic cleanup and training.  The software is normally hosted on the clients PC.  We can do software setup, accounting/software individualized training and periodic reviews, corrections and training.  This level of service is billed hourly and the cost varies.

Quicken Home & Business -  for the business owner that isn't financially ready to outsource and doesn't want the training hassles or expense of Quickbooks we offer Quicken Home & Business setup and training.  Quicken Home & Business provides thorough Accounting records for a small home based service business.  No accounting knowledge or experience is needed.  We offer a package deal which includes the software, setup, initial training and 90 days telephone consultations for questions.  The total cost is $400.


Why should you choose Quick Accounting Solutions?

  • Our bookkeeping services are customized to meet your needs.  You determine which services best meet your needs and budget and we will accommodate and grow with you as your needs change.  We don't believe in cookie cutter service packages.   Every business and business owner is unique and we value that uniqueness.
  • As efficiency experts we integrate technology, downloads and links whenever possibly eliminating time consuming manual processes and keeping costs at a minimum;
  • Low start up cost.  We have the ability to lease Quickbooks user licenses giving us the advantage of no expensive upfront software purchases.  All software upgrades are included and kept current.
  • We process Accounts Payable using your banks Online Bill Pay.  We set up bills and you release them seconds.  This arrangement provides you the comfort of a 100% fraud safe environment.  We have no access to your bank accounts, cash or checks.  It also saves costs by eliminating checks, printing & postage.
  • We create and submit Receivables on your schedule and follow up with past due's and Statement's monthly.  We help to insure your clients are billed and collected on a timely basis.  We use the built in email function saving you ink, postage and time.
  • We have the knowledge, experience & integrity you can trust.


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