“Kiersten has done a wonderful job cleaning up and maintaining our books. She is an expert in her field. I highly recommend her services and appreciate the value she provides.”

Jeff McCullough, Preferred Print


“Kiersten helped me create accurate and understandable financial reports while correcting mistakes made by a previous provider. She is great!

Jim Thorn, The Thorn Group


"Kiersten Quick has worked for me as an Accounting Bookkeeper for this past year. Her responsibilities include invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow and balance sheets, and credit card processing and reconciliations.

During her time here, Kiersten has displayed many favorable traits. She is extremely trustworthy; I can count on her to keep our financial information confidential and accurate. Kiersten is very dependable, returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner so that we can continue to conduct business in her absence. She is also a self-starter who works very well on her own with little to no supervision.

Kiersten is an above-average performer who goes beyond the parameters of her job description to make policies and procedures more efficient and cost-effective for our company. She was instrumental in helping institute several automated solutions for manual procedures that were previously in place and continually seeks alternative solutions for to save on the bottom line. Kiersten is very loyal, and refers our business services to other potential clients.  I consider Kiersten to be one of the most studious and responsible members of our team."

Doug Williams, JDR Web/JDR Imaging


“Kiersten is a true professional. In searching for a better credit card solution for my store, The Walkezstore.com, I heard Kiersten had recently taken a position with Merchant Rewards International,LLC as a Credit Card Processing Specialist. Specialist is not a good enough word for the work she preformed for me. Interested in the new Verifone for iPhone technology, I was unable to find any source in the city that was supporting this newest of technologies. Even Kiersten had not heard of this new system when I contacted her. She diligently went to work doing research, and as she kept me informed daily via e-mail as to her progress, within 2 days she had the best news I'd heard since the day I saw this new system demonstrated on the Internet. She was very instrumental in getting Merchant Rewards International, LLC to become supporters of Verifone for iPhone and all we needed now was to pick a plan and sign a deal. Kiersten is a true mover and shaker. When you need it done and you need it now, you can depend on her to come through for you. Anthony Ziegler CEO of Merchant Rewards International,LLC should be glad to have her on his team.”

Kathy Carandang, EZWALKSTORE.COM 


“ You will receive quality results by utilizing Kiersten Quick's talent and expertise in your business, as well as personal accounts. Kiersten's expansive and progressive knowledge will catapult your business to the next level with her creative organization and accounting savvy. It is a pleasure to know Kiersten both professionally and socially. Highly recommended. ”

Joyce Douglas, Public Relations Manager, Douglas&Associates


“Kiersten is awesome. She is very knowledgeable, and her "a la carte" services have helped my business tremendously. She will do as little or as much as you need done. She will explain, and set up your accounting in a simple way. She has incredible work ethics.”

Karine Woodley, Ready, Set, Live


“ Having worked together on several clients with Kiersten, she has shown great analytical skills to identify and resolve accounting issues. She is very efficient but still very thorough. Her experience in public accounting has made her a well rounded accountant, but it is her passion to add value that makes her a terrific consultant. ”

Raymond Mark, CPA, CFP®, Financial Plans & Strategies, Inc.


“ Kiersten is a detail oriented person who pays very close attention to the bottom line. She will help to get the most out of your money. She is extremely energetic, and she will look out for your best interests.”

Jeff Odom, Banking Center Manager, Fifth Third Bank


“ Kiersten greatly assisted our parent organization in analyzing and presenting budget numbers and trends as part of an effort to protect an academic program in Lebanon schools. Her efforts helped crystallize monetary issues while also offering solutions to the problem. ”

George Piper II


“ Kiersten has been very reliable and has had great follow through. I highly recommend her. ”

Brett Thompson , Managing Partner, Cellular Optimization


 “ Kiersten’s work ethic combined with her knowledge and skill makes for a winning combination for any client who works with her! She is a person who cares about serving and delivering what she promises. ”

Janet Falkenberg, Owner, eBusinessOnlineSupport


 “ Kiersten was very detail oriented and always looked out for the best interest of the client without jeopardizing her ethics and integrity ”

Gino Johnson, Owner, Peachin, Schwartz & Weingardt PC


 “I endorse Kiersten for any type of professional work. She is reliable and highly capable.”

Peter Weisz, Weisz Marketing Services


“ Kiersten is a friend and business associate for whom I have had the good fortune to know for over a year. Kiersten is incredibly intelligent and is a most capable and competent accounting and bookkeeping professional. Her understanding of QuickBooks and many other accounting applications, as well as her attention to detail, serve her extremely well in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting, A/R, A/P and cash flow management. It is with great pleasure and conviction that I write a recommendation of Kiersten Quick. She is a honest, caring and trustworthy professional who puts her client's interests first. She is an extremely valuable asset to the organization for whom she serves. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Bob Hutt, Partner The Access Companies "providing perfect payroll on time every time ”

Robert Hutt, Chief Development Officer, The Access Companies


"I've enjoyed getting to know/ working with Kiersten as she is a member of my Zionsville Rainmakers board. I find Kiersten hard working and detail orientated. I'm most impressed with her inquisitiveness and desire to understand "how things work". She always is positive and upbeat and is a pleasure to work with! ”

David L. Voelker, Zionsville Chairman, Rainmakers



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