Bringing Integrity to the Credit Card Processing Industry One Merchant at a Time.

We have partnered with Merchant Rewards International to bring you the best and most cost efficient credit card processing services in the industry.  We have a solution for every processing need. You may be surprised to find out how much money we can save you.  We offer the following benefits:

  • No Monthly Minimum;
  • No Annual Fee;
  • The Best Personalized 24/7 Customer Service in the Industry;
  • Locally Owned & Operated;
  • Guaranteed LOWEST Rates in the Industry;
  • No Hidden Fees Ever!!!
  • Innovative Gateway setup with reoccurring billing;
  • Inexpensive startup ~ used and refurbished equipment options;

Attention Mobile Merchants & iPhone users:

Introducing VeriFone's amazing new solution for mobile merchants, PAYware Mobile

If your business is on the road and you accept credit cards or have considered it now is the perfect time to simplify your life, save $$$’s and impress your clients and competition with the smartest, coolest new device on the market!

phoneA quick download of the PAYware Mobile app to your iPhone 3G or 3GS opens the door to increased sales and margins by enabling you to accept more "card present" payments and the app is remarkably easy to use. Just swipe the card and a tone tells you the fully encrypted transaction data has been accepted, push a button to capture the signature, push another to add a tip to the bill, push one more to finalize the sale.

Want to email the receipt to your customer? Click. Done.

You can review previous transactions, check daily transaction summaries, even bring up a map showing where each transaction took place anytime.

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-operate
  • Signature capture
  • One-button, customizable email receipts

The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve fits any iPhone 3G or 3GS model and because it's portable, you'll reduce costs by making more "card present" sales. The sleeve's design is sturdy and compact, so it's not only built to survive the abuse that the real world dishes out, it performs flawlessly while doing so.

  • Patented end-to-end encryption
  • Make more "card present" sales and save $$$'s
  • Fits all iPhone 3G or 3GS models
  • Built-in stylus for signature capture

With PAYware Connect, all it takes to manage your payment gateway is access to the web. That's it. No hardware or software to buy. No payment engine. No electronic engineering degree. What you do get is a fully customizable and utterly reliable gateway service that's ideal for small businesses that are ready to grow.

Whether you have one Payware Mobile-equipped iPhone or ten, PAYware Connect consolidates all their payments into a single portal. As a result, details of all iPhone transactions are available in real-time within the Merchant Portal on the payment gateway. Reporting has never been so easy.

  • Fully web-based, no software to buy
  • Easily configured to suit your needs
  • Operates in real-time
  • Maintenance free
  • PCI-DSS compliant

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