We are partnered with Right Networks to provide you with the best most reliable remote software hosting available.

Remote hosting and QuickBooks leased user license included in bookkeeping packages.

Hosting without bookkeeping services is $50 monthly & $9 a month for each leased user license.

Right Networks application hosting gives you easy, secure, and reliable access to your applications and data from anywhere at anytime from a proven vendor.
Key Benefits of Right Networks

Hosting with Right Networks has many benefits including the following, detailed below:

Right Networks supports connections from a wide range of devices including Windows from 97 through Vista, Remote Desktop enabled mobile devices, plus Macintosh, and others.

More information from Right Networks follows:

Easy, Reliable, and Secure Application Hosting

When you place your applications and data on enterprise-class servers located in our carrier-grade data centers, you can trust that they are secure and safe, just like the applications that we host are trusted by people from Fortune 100 companies like Bank of America all the way to small businesses near you.

With your applications and data hosted by Right Networks, you can access them at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection and standard client software. If you need to access your information when you are home or on the road, you connect to Right Networks, just like you do from your office.

Unlike PC remote control software, we don't require you to keep all of your PC's turned on everywhere or leave you worrying that you'll be stuck if your remote PC crashes or hangs. With Right Networks, you connect to your applications and data running on high-availability servers in our always-on, always-connected, ultra-reliable data centers with protection in place against fire, flood, power outages, theft, etc.

And since your applications and data are hosted at Right Networks, we maintain the systems, backing up your data, applying server updates, security testing firewalls, and much, much more.

You can review a longer list of the benefits of hosting with Right Networks, below.

Smooth Start-up with Right Networks

Right Networks makes it easy to get started with application hosting. Since we usually already have your applications running in our data centers, all you need to do is verify your application licenses and upload your data. Once your account is created, you can be up and running in minutes.
The Benefits of Application Hosting with Right Networks

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Your Applications and Data

With your applications and data hosted securely at Right Networks, you can connect to it at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection using a simple client program that is built into Windows XP and Vista and can be downloaded for other computers.
Simply connect to our systems and your applications will be ready for you to use just like when they are running on your PC. There's virtually nothing new to learn because your applications work just like you're used to them.
Serve clients everywhere from anywhere™. Right Networks makes it easy to grow your business.

Enterprise-Class Reliability

Most of our applications, including QuickBooks®, are hosted on highly-available, fault-tolerant, high-performance server clusters to provide enterprise-class reliability to businesses of all sizes. With clustering, Right Networks systems work around hardware failures instantly and automatically activating back-up systems to keep your data accessible 24x7.

Business Continuity

Since Right Networks enables you to connect to your applications and data from anywhere at anytime, if a disaster strikes your office, you'll be able to get to your business-critical information from computers at another site. Whether the disaster is as small as a PC crash or as catastrophic as a hurricane, Right Networks helps keep your business running.

Data Security

With Right Networks, your hosted data is protected by encryption communication, firewalls, multi-layer access controls, and encrypted backups. In addition, hosted data is automatically scanned using enterprise-class anti-virus technology.

Nightly Back-ups

Right Networks backs-up your hosted data nightly and retains it typically for 90 days so if you accidentally delete a file, we'll be able to restore it for you.

Top-of-the-Line Hosting Facilities

With Right Networks, your applications and data are kept in top-of-the-line data centers that provides true enterprise-class scale and reliability including fulltime security personnel, closed-circuit video surveillance, biometric bone-scanning identity verification systems, continuous and redundant power systems with back-up generators, fully redundant network systems with multiple-backbone access, advanced network firewalls, smoke detection and fire suppression systems, and flood detection and avoidance systems.

Simplified PC Maintenance

With your applications running in our data centers, you no longer need to install and maintain them on your own computer. All you need on your PC is a simple client program that is built into Windows XP and Vista.

Simplified Server and Network Maintenance

If you currently store your company data on file servers on your network, then you know how much time and money you can spend keeping the systems securely patched, virus scanned, access controlled, etc., plus the hassle and risks associated with making those servers available from remote locations.

By connecting to Right Networks, you can eliminate the need to have servers and VPNs in your office. Instead, keep your data in our secure data centers so you can stay focused on your business.

Automatic Application Upgrades with Software Leasing

If you use one of the many applications that are available for lease, you are automatically upgraded at scheduled times when new versions of the applications become available.

Note that some applications, like the full-featured versions of QuickBooks, are not available for lease. With these applications, you stay with your licensed version of the software until you purchase an upgrade of the software from the software vendor.

Trusted World-wide and Fully Licensed

Right Networks hosts data and applications for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses and individuals on every continent (except Antarctica - and we're working on that).

Right Networks is a Microsoft Licensed Service Provider as is required to host applications on Windows platforms for third parties, so you don't have to worry that someone will shut you down because of licensing violations.

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