Hello World!

I’ve though about it, talked about it and planned it for quite some time but I finally have a blog. The big question is….when on earth will I find time to blog??? The second question is….what will I blog about? Accounting isn’t such an exciting read for too many people. Politics and religion I find personally intriquing although both subjects generally serve to alienate many people. I’m not really certain yet what I will blog about but I suspect it will be a hodge podge of thoughtful topics.

During a tarrot card reading by a psychic a few years ago I was told I would have a book published in my mid-forties. I generally find psychic readings more of a form of entertainment than life coaching but for many years I have entertained the idea of writing a book one day. Since my mid-fortiesĀ are rapidly approaching maybe this is a sign and my new blog will be my trial run for determining my book topic and to practice my writing abilities.

Well I have lots of work to do today so I guess this will have to do for my first blog. It is far from content rich but will have to suffice until I have time and inspiration for the next blog session.

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2 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Rangler says:

    Never seen a beettr post! ICOCBW

  2. Arnie says:

    Got it! Taknhs a lot again for helping me out!

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